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Brookline Community Mental Health Center was founded in 1958 by people who cared about the well-being of families beyond their circle of family and friends. These men and women cared deeply about the health and safety of individuals who struggled with mental illness and could not access care in their community. In doing so, they incorporated the core values of tolerance, compassion, and a desire to help all reach their potential.

The Center's founders understood that addressing challenging emotional problems faced by individuals and families is fundamental. They sought to make high quality mental health care accessible to people of all ages, regardless of income, insurance, illness, disability, or cultural or language differences. Our founders envisioned an organization that would fit changing times, a safe haven where minds could be healed, hope rekindled, lives reclaimed.

As a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors, the Brookline Community Mental Health Center has worked sensitively and discreetly through the years. The Center now has a staff of over 50 social workers, psychologist, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and case managers who provide a full spectrum of outpatient care. We offer a highly reputable Training Program for graduate level social workers and psychologists. We have brought mental health services into the community and schools, protecting families, defusing crises, and helping neighborhoods respond to threats and losses.

In 1986, The Center initiated a Mediation Program to address issues of severe conflict between teens and parents to reduce domestic violence, and conflicts between tenants and landlords to reduce evictions and homelessness. The success of these programs led to expansion. Today, the Center's Metropolitan Mediation Services is the largest community mediation program in the Greater Boston area and a broad array services including: Peer Mediation programs in 4 Boston High Schools; Court based mediation in 8 District Courts and 3 Juvenile Courts; Landlord/tenant mediations in the Boston, Brookline and Newton Housing Authorities; Certified Mediation Trainings for adults twice annually; and consultation to communities, government, and businesses.

Most recently, the Center has mobilized to help homeless teens and families through our New Pathways Emergency Shelter program for adolescents, our Transition to Independent Living program for homeless young men ages 16-22, and two programs to help homeless families transition from emergency shelters to permanent housing. In addition, the Center collaborates with the Brookline Community Foundation to operate the Brookline Safety Net which offers emergency funds to prevent housing evictions, help with moving expenses, and provide food vouchers to families and adults.