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Make a Stock Gift

Did you know you can help ensure access to outstanding, affordable mental health care with a gift of stock?

Every year, thousands of people depend on the Brookline Center for mental health care and services that they can’t access elsewhere. As a community mental health center, we’re here for all who need us, providing outstanding, effective care, delivered with dignity and respect, to everyone who seeks our support, no matter their financial circumstances.

With a gift of securities, you can help thousands of children, adults, and families in our community lead healthier, safer, and fuller lives.

Donating stock is easy and can come with financial advantages. Please consult a tax advisor or financial planner to discuss what might apply to your specific situation.

How to Donate Stock

Step 1: Direct your broker to transfer the stock electronically to:

DTC #: 0226
FBO:Brookline Community Mental Health Center
Account #: Z47921731

Step 2: Tell the Brookline Center

Please notify us of your gift by emailing or calling Maggie Ginn at 617-277-8107 with the name of securities and number of shares.

On behalf of every person served by the Brookline Center, thank you for your generosity!