Multicultural Initiatives

Project GROW: Girls Relationships Offer Well-Being

Project GROW is a Group Program for girls funded by the United Way's Today's Girls, Tomorrow's Leaders Initiative.  The Program focuses on the particular challenges that are unique to "girl world", such as navigating the complexity of shifting friendships in the middle school years and creating and maintaining a positive self image in a world where girls are pressured to grow up faster each day.  The curriculum includes the use of structured activities and multimedia and discussion, to provide girls with strategies to cope with the "isms" of sexism and racism, while highlighting the strength and resiliency girls have in finding their voices.  In addition to groups that are open to all girls, we offer groups for Asian American girls who are adopted.

For more information, please contact Mariko Sakurai, Ph.D. at 617-277-8107.


The Brotherhood Towards Success/Sisters Toward Success

The primary goal of Brotherhood Towards Success (BTS) and Sisters Toward Success (STS) is to assist Black male and female METCO students to define themselves, rather than being defined, at a time that is critical to their identity development.  BTS begins with a five-week pilot program to introduce 8th grade boys to Brookline High School.  During these meetings, the boys discuss their challenges and strengths resulting from their elementary school experience.  With the support of Black staff and METCO administration, Black BHS seniors and school staff mentor the young students on how to be successful in their high school career. 

Following the transition to Brookline High, the group meets weekly throughout their freshman year providing continuing support and mentoring, and promoting a successful high school experience.  The young men and women have the opportunity to share experiences of alienation, isolation and stereotypes, and reframe these potentially harmful experiences in ways that can lead to greater resilience and positive identity formation.   BTS has a model where adult Black mentors provide young Black students with guidelines for achieving and maintaining success by defining themselves within a positive strength based culture.  This provides an opportunity for members to solve problems more adaptively and better manage the stressors they face. We believe that this intervention, at a time of increased vulnerability, mobilizes the rich internal resources shared by young Black students, and promotes a successful future.

BTS has three primary objectives:

1) To develop a positive self-identity in the face of difficult racial stereotypes.

2) To encourage academic and social success.

3) To give back to the school and home communities. 

For further information, please contact Phil Laidlaw, Psy.D. at 617-277-8107.