High Performance Program

The High Performance Program at The Brookline Center specializes in providing practical, mental skills training to anyone who seeks optimal performance experiences. Utilizing techniques from the field of sport/performance psychology, individuals will develop a personalized strategy to manage particular performance issues. This short-term, collaborative approach has shown success in areas such as motivation, concentration, self-confidence, resilience, and peak performance.

Performing artists (actors, dancers, and musicians) have used mental skills training to overcome the debilitating effects of performance anxiety or stage fright, achieve performance goals, and increase self-satisfaction.   

Athletes have long benefited from developing a personalized mental skill-set to perform at full potential under pressure, recover from injuries and losses, and maintain a “mental edge” in training and competition.

Professionals or enthusiasts from all walks of life who strive for optimal performance in any situation can use the High Performance Program to develop a personalized set of mental skills.

For further information or to initiate a consultation, please contact Christine Vitale, EdD at 617.277.8107 ext.130 or christinevitale@brooklinecenter.org.

With life-long experiences as a performing artist and a doctoral degree in counseling with a specialization in sport psychology, Christine Vitale has developed a unique expertise in providing individualized performance consultations.