Women and Girls Thriving in Brookline

Our Mission is: “To bring Brookline residents and organizations together to expand and create learning, participation, community, and leadership opportunities for women and girls with limited income, building on the resiliency and strengths of the whole community.”

Thriving engages over 50 local organizations, businesses, and town agencies and 160 citizens, including more than 70 women and girls with limited income.  

Our Recent 2016 – 2017 Activities:

Thriving Working Groups, some co-led by low-income women, have designed and implemented a variety of FREE activities for low-income women building useful skills, creating a safe community, and combatting isolation.  Most are facilitated by skilled social workers from the Brookline Center, and some include low-income women as co-planners and co-facilitators.

  • “Surviving and Thriving” 8-week Workshop Series, building resiliency skills such as use of stress relievers, positive self-talk, assertiveness, and bite-size goals (eighth year). 
  • “Eat to Feel Great” 10-week workshop series teaching healthy nutrition and cooking, especially focused on women with chronic health issues.
  • “Cook to Feel Great” healthy cooking classes for women—at BU, provided by Rotaract Club.
  • “Fitness Moving Forward”—8-week strength-building program at public housing.
  • “Women Moving Forward” video project, a 16-week training series in camera, sound, lighting, and film editing, yielding a short film created by women, for women, addressing the enormous challenges faced by women in poverty establishing a career (Education, Training, and Employment WG). The participating women have conducted two community screenings and discussions in order to build awareness.  
  • “Women Healing and Thriving Community Arts Group,” (Healing and Expressive Arts Working Group) —8-week workshop series (currently under way for the fifth time). 
  • “Meditation and Writing” 6-Week Workshop Series.
  • “Thriving Together Garden” project (Healthy Food and Lifestyle Working Group), through which women learn gardening skills and produce healthy food for themselves and others.
  • Monthly Listening and Learning Dinners (provided by local churches and Hops N Scotch Restaurant) with programs and community building (Healthy Food and Lifestyle Working Group). 
  • Brookline Safety Resource posters (Safety and Healthy Relationships Working Group). 
  • “Empowered Girl Leaders Developing Healthy Relationships” for teen girls in public housing (Safety and Healthy Relationships Working Group).
  • Brookline Thrive Guide (online resource guide)http://www.thriveguidebrookline.org/ (Access and Information Sharing WG). 

Our current working groups always welcome new members!

  • Access and Information Sharing
  • Education, Training, and Employment
  • Expressive and Healing Arts
  • Health Food and Lifestyle
  • Safety and Healthy Relationships

Upcoming Free Activities for Brookline Low-Income Women

  • Listening and Learning Dinners for the Thriving Community of Women: April 26 and June 14.
  • “Thriving Together Garden Project", meets weekly and enjoys gardening field trips. Contact Mary Kate Robbins at marykaterobbins@gmail.com for information.
  • “Fitness Moving Forward” Strength-Building Series, April 24 – June 12, 6:00pm – 7:00pm at Egmont Public Housing Community Room.  Contact Misti Jaynes to sign up at Mistijaynes68@gmail.com

Check the Brookline Thrive Guide for information and resources for all Brookline residents:www.thriveguidebrookline.org.

For Further Information or to Join Our Work  

Contact Ann Brackett, brackettgroup@gmail.com, (978) 460-1584 or Andrea Johnson, andreamoorejohnson@gmail.com, (617) 277-8107.  

The Brookline Community Mental Health Center (BCMHC) serves as an umbrella organization for Thriving, and programs are funded by the Brookline Community Foundation, and additional grants and donations from the Brookline Commission for the Arts, the Brookline Interactive Group, Brookline Rotary Club, Chobee Hoy Associates, First Presbyterian Church of Brookline, High Rock Church, Hops N Scotch Restaurant, Jennifer A. Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence, the Korean Church of Boston, Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund, MOVE!, and individual donors. We are also grateful for all the generous in-kind support of meeting space, meeting, planning, coordinating, cooking, planting, and more from our amazing collaborating organizations and individuals too numerous to mention who live and work in Brookline.