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Brookline Community Mental Health Center merits your philanthropy because:

We have a far-reaching vision.

The Center undertakes comprehensive strategic planning every five years to ensure we continue meeting new and emerging community needs.

The Center is an essential part of our community’s safety net.

Our efforts make the community a safer and more compassionate place, improving the quality of life for all.

Our trained professionals model competence, compassion, and professionalism.

Through the years, we have been able to recruit and retain remarkably skilled, culturally diverse staff, many of whom are recognized as experts in their respective disciplines.

We partner with other community agencies.

This helps maximize impact and reduce duplication of services. The Center partners with a wide range of Brookline and Greater Boston agencies, including Schools, Police Departments, Housing Authorities, Health Departments, and District and Juvenile Courts to help form an integrated human service infrastructure that assures public health and safety.

Accountability drives every fundraising initiative.

Our track record as good stewards is unsurpassed, as is our resolve to care for the resources entrusted to us. Our Board remains focused on using funds in the most prudent manner.

We are financially strong.

We work diligently to attract a variety of revenue streams, both public and private, to maximize service delivery. We have maintained balanced budgets for decades, using well-established forecasting models to predict and manage the dramatic swings in public sector human services funding.